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Information about Diabecon.

Please consult your physician to prescribe the dosage that best suits the condition.

Diabecon is generally safe to take for a lot of individualsAs an herbal supplementit does not pose any serious risks or even side effectsIndividuals are only advised to take it as prescribedThere are absolutely no contraindications with regards to the formula so even people with heart ailmentsrespiratory problems and psychological conditions can take it safelyPregnant women and nursing mothers are advised to consult their physician first before taking Diabecon.

Diabecon is an herbal supplement that helps control blood sugar by lowering the glycated hemoglobin levelIt also lowers microalbuminuria and long term effects of diabetes as well as balances lipid profile and cholesterolDiabecon has many functions that support individuals having problems with their body glucose levels and fat absorption like diabeticsThe supplement enhances the peripheral use of glucose and boosts hepatic and muscle glycogen content and C-peptide level.

It is advisable to take Diabecon DS before breakfast and before lunchIf there is a necessity conditioned by high blood sugar levelsthe dosage can be increased up to two pills three times a day.

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