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Various studies are said to have caused uncertainty over the side effects of digoxinwith some suggesting it could increase mortality riskThe researchers therefore aimed to carry out a systematic review to pool the evidence on the safety of the drugparticularly looking at mortality effects.

Dizziness or lightheadedness drowsiness vision changesblurred or yellowrash irregular heartbeat.

Not necessary to routinely reduce or hold digoxin therapy prior to elective electrical cardioversion for atrial fibrillationhoweverexclusion of digoxin toxicity is necessary prior to cardioverstionwhithhold digoxin and delay caridioversion until toxicity subsides if signs of digoxin excess exist.

This is a valuable systematic review that has searched the global literature to investigate the link between digoxin use and death from any cause in people with atrial fibrillation or heart failure.

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renal excretion of digoxin is proportional to glomerular filtration rate.

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