A new technique for cranial bone osteofixation use of absorbable tacks and plates to fix parietal bone split grafts for post-traumatic frontal bone defect reconstruction.

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The lung is lined by two thin membranes of pleurainner visceral and outer parietalwhich allows the lung to expand and shrink with each breath with minimal friction.

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Breast swelling in men Fluid retention Inflammation of the gutleading to diarrhoeaLow blood levels of sodium which can cause tiredness and confusionmuscle twitchingfits and coma Patients who have previously had liver problems may very rarely get encephalopathya brain diseaseRashpossibly with pain in the joints.

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September 7, 2018

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A new technique for cranial bone osteofixation use of absorbable tacks and plates to fix parietal bone split grafts for post-traumatic frontal bone defect reconstruction.
September 7, 2018

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September 7, 2018

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